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  Club Service - I  
  Weekly Meetings:

Held on Monday at 6:30 P.M. at Bellissima Lounge, Opera House, Mumbai
Follow an order of business for each meeting which includes welcoming visitors, Secretarial announcements, Greetings on account of Birthdays & anniversaries etc.
Mementos given to speaker at end of meeting in appreciation of his time & effort for coming to address our meeting.
Speakers for meeting planned 4-6 weeks in advance but alternative arrangements kept ready to meet emergent situation.
Spouses invited to participate at all our meetings.
Weekly meeting reminders & monthly reminders being sent out by email and SMS.
Club Assemblies are made interactive to generate greater interest among members in Club Administration.
Bulletin to go multicolour & carries photographs and comes out regularly.
Greeting members for birthdays/anniversaries of Rotarians, Rotary-anns.

Fireside Meetings:

These are informal meetings organised at the residence of members or clubs. The groups invited are carefully selected to promote mixing of new members with veterans. These meetings help assimilation of new members within the club leading to better retention. Three meetings have been held so far.

Fund Raising Committee:

Ensures sufficient funds for carrying out the projects of the Club as well as sponsoring the bulletins, Fireside meetings, Board meetings, spouse meet and web site.

  Club Service - II  
  Membership & Membership Development Committee:

The committee considers & clears membership proposals after investigating the character, business, social & community standing & general eligibility of the proposed member. Committee decision is reported to Board for further action.

Classification Committee:

A classification survey had been carried out in August 2015, being the membership & extension month. Members have been informed regarding filled & unfilled classifications.
All membership proposals are scrutinised for ascertaining proper classification by this committee.
Attached is a list of unfilled classification.

Public Relation Committee:

Newspapers are informed well in advance to carry information regarding forthcoming club meetings in the appointment column.
Press releases are issued on occasion of important functions.
Details of important projects proposed to be sent for publication in the Governor’s Monthly Newsletter.

Bulletin & Magazine Committee:

All members of the club subscribe to the rotary magazines - The Rotarian or Rotary News.
Club magazine “Necklace Glitters” is published every month and contains information pertaining to club, District, RI International.
We also have a feature on the achievements of family members of Rotarians.

  Club Service - III  
  Rotary Information Committee:

Various Books pertaining to Rotary circulated among members, particularly new members.
New members given Rotary Information Sheets along-with Induction kit.
Membership Development Committee identifies potential Rotarians and invites them to our regular meetings.
Scheme for encouraging members to introduce new members to our club announced.
Rotary information given to members through monthly Club bulletins.
Information imparted at Fireside meetings.


Cricket & football matches are organised followed by lunch to encourage Rotariannes to attend & cheer the teams.
Participation in District cricket tournaments
Members participate in Badminton and Table Tennis Tournaments as well as inhouse Bridge Competitions