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Projects - 2017-18 Programs & Projects

RY 16-17 | 14-15 | 08-09 | 07-08 | 06-07


Our Club sponsors midday meal on behalf of every Rotarian celebrating his / her birthday and wedding anniversary.
On 21s September Rtn Nimesh & Jalpa Shah had organized a food distribution drive for cancer patients outside Wadia hospital. It is a 365 day initiative of feeding about 700 lives daily.


On 28th September Karishma Mehta donated sarees and night gowns to cancer patients. The project was spearheaded by Jalpa Shah at Tata Memorial Hospital.
On 4th October our Club distributed Karishma sarees to students of Rotary Sanskardham School at their school premises. On Tuesday, 14th Nov at 11 am our Club distributed fabric to students of SVRR School.
On 28th November Karishma and Pooja distributed 400 sarees and 100 suit pieces to the patients and family member at the Tata Memorial Hospital. It was very touching to see the patients especially the children.
We are, as always, indeed grateful to Rtn Pooja and Karishma for continuing to organize Sarees and fabrics for distribution to the underprivileged.


On 9th October our Club released Rs 5 lakhs from Rs 8 lakhs for education of 78 specially challenged children of SVRR @ Rs 11,000/- per child.


With respect to sponsoring the cost of Residential Care Services offered by Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre to individuals with intellectual disability, Cur club had approved a project cost of Rs 54.5 lakhs to be disbursed over two years – Rs 34 lakhs for RY 2017-18 and Rs 20.5 lakhs for RY 2018-19. Of the above, our Club has already released Rs 17 lakhs being the first two instalments of Rs 8.5 lakhs each.


On 14th October from 9 am to 10 am our Club celebrated Diwali with students of EOTO at Amchi Shala, Chembur. This is a new project which our Club is supporting this year. Each One Teach One works with underprivileged children from municipal and government aided schools. They provide remedial coaching to students from 5th to 10th Standard. A cheque for Rs 6,87,000/- was handed over by Rtn Sonali Sinha and Anne Sapna Jalan. The project was attended by President Rtn Hiten Shah, Rtn Sonali Sinha, Rtn Nikunj Jhaveri and Anne Sapna Jalan.


On 3rd Nov our Club handed over a cheque of Rs 5 lakhs to Kinnari. Kinnari is a NGO doing impeccable work of supporting child education by generating income through running various extra curricular paid classes. It is run by Anne Asmi Vijay Shah, PP of IW Club of Mumbai Queens Necklace. The project was attended by Rtn PP Sanjiv Mehta, Rtn PP Gaurav Patel, Rtn PP Radhika Mehta and Anne Sapna Jalan.


From 15th to 18th November our Club sponsored four days educational trip to Shirdi – Rahuri for special children of A K Munshi School. They visited educative and popular tourist places such as Residential Special School for Mentally Challenged Children at Rahuri, Shani Signapur, Agriculture Technology Centre, Shri Sai Baba Mandir and Shri Sai Bhojanalay – Prasadalaya Kitchen. The entire project cost of Rs 77,500 was sponsored by Rtn Nikesh Parekh and his friends which included Transport, Boarding & Lodging, Meal, Sightseeing, etc. 40 students – 16 girls & 24 boys aged between 15 to 45 years went for the excursion. They were escorted by Principal, 6 teachers & 2 Caretakers. The children were chirping with joy & happily telling their parents how wonderful the Education Camp was. A big thank you to Rtn Nikesh Parekh for coordinating the entire trip.


15.11.2017 - On the 1st day, the students & staff gathered at School in the evening, with full of excitement. Their attendance was taken, all students & staff members left for the camp with the initial goodluck ceremony of garlanding & breaking of coconut conducted by the Principal Mr. Ajitkumar Changan.

Around night at 3.30 a.m. they reached Shri Sai Shanstan Ashram at Shirdi. Everyone took rest for some time.

16.11.2017: 2nd day at around morning 9.00 a.m. visited other Special School at Rahuri. The aim was to see & show our children how other Special Children stay without their parents in hostel. Our Special Children met those School Children & distributed biscuits to all of them, which they enjoyed together.

In the afternoon, they left for Shani Singnapur. On the way they took a break to have tasty sweet seasonal fruits ‘Guava’ which they enjoyed most. After reaching Shani Singnapur they took blessings of Lord Shani Maharaj & had lunch.

Agriculture Technology Centre: While going to Centre, they also saw how sugarcane juice is extracted by churning with the help of Bullock in Kohlu. At Agriculture Technology Centre they learnt the process of preparing juice from the pulp of various fruits, like Awla, Jamun, etc. Thereafter they were shown various equipments used for farming & how it is used. All children showed keen interest in whatever detailed information was given to them by the Officers of the Centre. On the way to Base Camp Shirdi, they had tea break in the evening at the restaurant.

17.11.2017: 3rd day at 9.30 a.m. everyone got ready in the morning, took tea & snacks, went for darshan of Shri Sai Baba at Mandir & Dwarkamai Mandir, sang bhajan with everyone, came back to Sai Bhojnalay for lunch. Afterwards went to Chavdi & Dakshin Mukki Hanuman Mandir, took Blessings. We very much appreciate the Shirdi Sansthan PRO’S help in giving special darshan to our children.

The Children were taken especially to Sai Bhojnalaya – Prasadalaya to show them how the food is prepared on big Gas stoves with the help of Solar Energy. They were also shown how with the help of machinery dough for 500 Chappaties are prepared at a time. How the dishes are cleaned & dried with the help of machine and completed without any hassle in stipulated time period.

After freshening up, tea & snacks break, they played various games like cricket, badminton, football, chain game, etc., even the Ashram staff joined to play games with children & thoroughly enjoyed.

In the evening about 7.30 p.m. they organized Bon-Fire. The Staff of the Ashram arranged light & Wood for Bon-Fire. All children & Staff sang ‘Fire Camp Song’ with Ajit Sir & danced on movie songs, roasted sweet potatoes on the fire & served to all, children enjoyed the programme.

At 9.30 a.m. they enjoyed sumptuous Dinner at Hotel Sukhsagar, completed all the formalities at Sanstha & started journey back in luxury bus to Mumbai at around 11.30 p.m.

18.11.2017: Reached School at Mumbai around 6.00 a.m., parents had come to pick them up. The children were chirping with joy, safely & happily telling their parents how wonderful the Education Camp was.

Our Children thanked with great gusto to all those who had made this experience such a memorable one.

A.K. Munshi Yojana heartily thanks the Hon’ble Members of your Esteemed Rotary Club of Bombay Queen’s Necklace especially to Rtn. Nikesh Parekh for co-ordinating & Congratulate you all to support such a wonderful Project of Educational Camp for the Mentally Challenged Children.

Let’s Serve Together for Better Tomorrow & Let’s See Everyone Bloom With Us… Bharati Ganjawalla, President


On 4th and 6th December from 9 am to 12 noon our Club had organized a medical camp for students of Lady Engineer School. 650 students were checked. The camp was organized by Rtn Parool Merchant. A big thank you to Rtn Dr Mrinal Shah, Rtn Dr Shailesh Divecha and Rtn Dr Chandrasekhar Joshi and their team members for conducting the camp. The project was attended by Rtn Parool Merchant, Rtn Devina Shah, Rtn Sonal Jhaveri, Rtn Hiten & Gopi Shah, Rtn Dr Mrinal Shah, Rtn Dr Shailesh Divecha, Rtn Dr Chandrashekhar Joshi, Anne Sonali Parekh and First Lady Gopi Shah.


On 19th December from 10 am to 12 noon our Club had organized a Christmas Party for the 300 children of EOTO Chembur Branch at Amchi Shala, J K Karmalkar Marg, Tilaknagar, Chembur. The activities included card making competition, housie games, dance, distribution of gifts by Santa and ending with sumptuous snacks. The project was attended by Rtn Parool Merchant, Rtn Nikunj Jhaveri, Anne Sapna Jalan and Anne Sunali Parekh.


On 22nd December our Club has organized a Christmas party for the children of AK Munshi School. The project was sponsored by Rtn Nikesh and Sunali Parekh and Rtn Deepak and Anjali Harlalka. The project was attended by President Rtn Hiten and Gopi Shah, Rtn Deepak and Anjali Harlalka, Rtn Nikesh and Sunali Parekh, Rtn Parool Merchant, Rtn Vivek Mathai, Rtn Pradeep Solanki, Rtn Devina Shah, Rtn Rajeev Kapadia, Annes Rajal Kapadia, Ushma Mody, Kajal Parikh, Asmi Shah and Rtn Sunil Mehta’s sister.


On 23rd Dec from 11 am to 12.30 noon our Club had organized a Christmas Carnival for 350 children of Rotary Sanskardham Academy, St Mathews School and Regina Parish Orphanage at CCI. Special thanks to Rtn Asif and Neha Adiji for initiating and sponsoring the gifts and to Rtn Parool Merchant for organizing the children. The project was attended by President Rtn Hiten & Gopi Shah, Rtn Shefali Shah, Rtn PP Kalpesh Shah, Rtn Parool Merchant, Rtn Sonal Jhaveri, Rtn PP Anju Siraj, Rtn Nikunj Jhaveri, Rtn Hiten Parikh, Rtn Yojit Gosalia, Rtn PP Bindu Sheth, Annes Rajal Kapadia, Leena Gandhi, Sapna Jalan, Dimple Gosalia, Shweta Kothari, Sumitra Patel, Amishi Mehta and Kajal Parikh.


I am happy to inform that under Grant No 1757467 our application for funding to support the educational efforts and needs of Girivanvasi Educational Trust in Maharashtra submitted by our Club and RC College Park, has been approved by Rotary Foundation (India) and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The award is in the amount of $67,633. Congratulations for the efforts. Congratulations to PP Rtn Akkshay Mehta, Rtn Satish Vora, Rtn PP Sanjiv Mehta and Rtn Asif Adiji.


Educate the weaker section of the society.

• Daily subject classes are held for 2 hours per standard.
• Qualified teachers are appointed for coaching of the syllabus.
Basic Support
• Notebooks
• Planned worksheets for continuous revision
• One meal a day after school hours
Appropriate Support – School / Teachers
• Annual function of the school
• Ongoing Teachers Training
• Farewell party
Appropriate Support – Students
• Counseling of students
• Birthday parties conducted once in a month
• Personality development and awareness programs for 9th standard
• Civic awareness for 8th standard students
• Career guidance for 10th standard students

Extra-Curricular Activities
• Facilitating activities like carom, chess, art craft, festival celebrations, etc.
• EOTO interschool sports competition among EOTO centers
• Exposure visit of the children
Healthy Environment
• Awareness program on health and hygiene is conducted
Status - Project is on track with all the daily and monthly activities. Rotary team visited the project for Diwali celebration and handed over the cheque.

Project Cost - Rs.13,74,000 and Donation Given Rs 6,87,000


Phase I – Ecosystem Development.
• Conducting orientation and sensitisation workshops for the youth, the trainers, the partner organisations, prospective employers, youth advocates, mentors and vocational training providers.
• Identifying potential employment partners.
• Creating curriculum that focuses on building self reliance, core skills and the resilience required to plan and build a career.
Phase II - Execution
• 4 pre-engagement/ orientation sessions
• 30 sessions of 4 hours each/ 4 days a week for up to 15 participants in the first execution pilot phase. These would include intensive industry exposure through visits, expert speaker sessions
• Career Linkages
• Mentor linkages
• A parent/ spouse engagement program where applicable
Phase III – Feedback & Continued Support
• 1 follow up session a week after the career linkages
• 1 feedback and follow up session every fortnight with the mentors to track progress and any issues that may arise
• 1 feedback and follow up session every week in the first 2 months and every fortnight thereafter to track progress of the youth in the workplace.
• 1 inclusive alumni engagement session with the larger Antarang alumni group to build an integrative and inclusive youth community

Status - Project is on track with the first transgender group starting on 22nd August 2017.

Project Cost Rs 5,85,810 and Donation Given Rs 3,26,740


Supported Night Schools
Agarkar Night School & Meenatai Kurude Night School
Common Trustee Meeting's
Organizes two common trustee meetings in a year where common agenda like their roles, how night school program develops etc. is discussed
Headmaster Common Meeting
Two common head master meetings will be organized, where common issues and plans are discussed.
SSC class Teacher Meeting
SSC class teachers meeting is done to plan and implement the SSC activities throughout the year.
Core committee / Advisory board meeting
Committee of 11 active Head Masters of night schools who help plan, execute and monitor the School transformation program and annual plan.
Headmaster Residential Training.
A two day residential meeting for Night school head master (Principals)
Teacher Training on Grading and SDP
Training of staff on conducting a Grading Exercise, Review and analysis of the same and School Development Plan prepared.
Teacher Training on Processes of the schools
12 Process Related trainings for the staff members to be done during the year for capacity building of the schools.
Annual Event | Sports - An annual intra-school sports competition
School M & E and Documentation
Career Cell

Status - Project is two support 2 Night schools. The student strength of these schools together is 179. A recent Govt. GR has resulted in fewer teachers in night schools. Working on a plan to supplement this gap.

Project Cost Rs 16,98,321 and donation given Rs 5,81,402


Kinnari Cultural Centre provides donations towards part funding of school fees of underprivileged students.
Kinnari follows strict approval and application process wherein only children of families earning less than Rs.1.80 lacs per annum as also socially deprived families (such as, widows, divorcees, unemployed etc.) as also the children should have reasonably good academic record.
Every cheque is issued in the name of school and not the children or parents.

Status : The donation of Rs.5 lakhs has been utilized to part fund the yearly school fees of approx. 130 children belonging to urban poor families at the rate of approx. Rs.4,000/- per child for the annual school fees.

Project Cost Rs 5,00,000 and donation given Rs 5,00,000


Jai Vakeel Foundation is a NGO working with the intellectually disabled. They have a holistic approach to the management of individuals with Intellectual Disability (ID) and cater to over 3000 individuals annually, across varying age groups and varying levels of intellectual and other associated disabilities such as autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and visual or hearing impairment. Almost 40% of students belong to the lower socio-economic strata. The Residential Section provides lodging and boarding to individuals with Intellectual Disability. They currently provide Residential services to 22 individuals, ranging from ages 8 to 75 with 70% of the individuals above the age of 40. The students are provided round the clock care by care takers. There is a Nurse on duty at all times to help manage their medicines and other needs. The Healthcare team – Doctors, Therapists and Psychologists are available to take care of any medical issues. They run a full kitchen to provide healthy nutritious food to all our Residential students.

Status - Project is on track with the first quarterly donation of Rs.8,50,000 made

Project Cost Rs 34,00,000 and Donation made Rs 8,50,000


A.K. Munshi Yojana – NGO’s activities for Special School – Mentally Challenged. This year they organized a 4 days Educational Camp held at Shirdi – Rahuri from 15th to 18th November 2017 for the Special Children of A.K. Munshi Yojana School.
The donation of Rs. 77,500/- for the camp covered all the expenses – Transport, Boarding & Lodging, Meal, Sightseeing, etc.
40 students – 16 girls & 24 boys aged between 15 to 45 years went for the excursion. They were escorted by the Principal, 6 teachers & 2 Caretakers.
Venue of the Camp: Shirdi (Maharashtra)
Date: 15th to 18th November 2017.
Base Camp: Shri Sai Sansthan Ashram, Shirdi (Maharashtra)
This year Camp was packed with educative & popular Tourist places.
1. Visit to a Residential Special School for Mentally Challenged Children at Rahuri.
2. Shani Signapur
3. Agriculture Technology Centre.
4. Shri Sai Baba Mandir
5. Shri Sai Bhojanalay – Prasadalaya Kitchen

Project Cost : Rs 77,500 and donation given Rs 77,500


Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation works to rescue as many number of wandering mentally ill destitutes and reunite them with their families post recovery.
• To rescue maximum number of mentally ill destitute in this year and increase the quantum every upcoming year.
• To provide free shelter and food to the rescued patients.
• To provide free pharmacological treatment to the rescued patients.
• To rehabilitate them with various psychosocial interventions.
• To trace out addresses of the patients & correspond with the families.
• To facilitate reunions of rehabilitated patients with their lost families.
• To promote massive mental health awareness among rural villages, schools, families, police personnel, railway officials & general public.
• To network with other NGOs in order to generate collective efforts.

Status - During calendar year 2017 till September 692 wandering mentally ill destitutes have already been rescued from streets, provided treatment and have been reunited with their families post recovery.

Project Cost Rs 20,00,000 and donation given Rs 20,00,000


This is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and welfare of mentally challenged persons. Due to the lack of formal institutions for such individuals this organization trains them to become self-sufficient and Independent.
1. Uplifting their products for sale at exhibitions.
2. Distributing shirt and pant pieces and dress materials to boys and girls, respectively.
3. Put their stall at the Zeba Kohli exhibition.
4. Selling their products at our club meetings. Since – 1965
1. Space requirements.
2. Upgrade their products and help in sale of their products.
Help them bridge their gap of fund requirements

Status - This year we have given them Rs. 5,00,000/- part of this used for meals for the individuals. This year after all their expenses, they have a shortfall of Rs. 7,00,000/-

Project Cost Rs 5,00,000 and donation given Rs 5,00,000


Mrs Vergese took the initiative to establish a school in the remote slum of Malwani area. In this area the population is abundant and below the poverty line.
Mrs. Vergese dedicated her time and energy and started to give education to this deplorable section of society. It began with the primary section in 3 rooms.
Now it has over 2000 students right upto Junior College.
Rs. 50,000/- for their boxing matches in Nashik.
Rs. 2,45,000/- for 10 computers.
1. Installation of the Interact and Rotaract Committee at their School.
2. Took part in District event of Sanskar and Udaan.
3. Took part in the District competition of Muskaan.
4. Felicitation of Mrs Vergese at OCV.
1. The students are involved in boxing and football and to reach the international level they need funding.
2. Part of their land has been encroached by local people. This land is needed to enlarge their school.
3. They want to begin a Science section for their Junior College.

Project Cost Rs 2,95,000 and donation given Rs 2,95,000


TMH(Tata Memorial Hospital) provides free or drastically discounted service only after appropriate documentation is created, which confirms the financial status of recipients and their needs for support accordingly.

In the interim, patients who are visiting from outstation or otherwise, are exposed to full price treatments, whether within Tata or outside, towards investigation, drugs, consumables etc.
The intent of this fund is to support during this emergency period wherein after a week or 10 days, TMH takes over.

Status – Have handed over cheques of Rs 1 lakh for the past seven months

Project Cost Rs 60,00,000 and donation given Rs 7,00,000

Our Club received a cheque of Rs 30 lakhs favouring Tata Memorial Hospital from Inox Air Products towards Emergency Fund for cancer treatment. Also Mr Sanjay Mariwala sent a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs and a friend of Rtn Neha Parikh has sent a contribution of Rs 2.5 lakhs favouring Tata Memorial Hospital towards Emergency Fund for cancer treatment.


RCMQN partnered with a foundation “One Small Step for Cancer” to raise funds for poor cancer child patients. It was a global on-line campaign to create an Emergency Cash Fund.
The funds collected will help about 1000 children of low income families to seek treatment and survive cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital. The money will go directly to Tata Memorial Hospital who will provide full account rupee by rupee as spent and on-line.
This will help to increase the survival rates of Child cancer in India from 30% to 80%, reduce the abandonment rate of child cancer treatments which is currently 40% amongst low income families.
Spearheaded by Star Emraan Hashmi, whose five-year-old son suffered a rare cancer and is now cancer free. The other actors who supported the drive through PR were Johny Lever, Varun Dhawan and Shilpa Shetty. This included all social platforms and coverage in media including Radio Mirchi.
Every Rupee raised on-line will be matched with a Rupee by RCMQN.
A sum of Rs 50 lakhs was raised on-line which our Club matched taking the project cost to Rs 1 crore.
Project Cost Rs 1 crore and donation given Rs 30,00,000


Livelihood Programme for Survivors of Human Trafficking Residing in Government Run Shelter

The project was launched on 29th September 2017 and inaugurated by our major donor Rtn. Nimish Shah.
4 girls have been placed in various facilities management roles in corporates in the city
45 – women participated in the activities of the center each spending an average of 7 days
468 – hours of eductation imparted to 34 women focusing on basic reading and writing
400 hours of skill training in beauty imparted to 30 girls
128 hours of basic computer literacy imparted
282 hours of life skill training imparted to 44 girls
Status - Currently only beauty is being taught – plan is to start training in retail, bed side assistance shortly
Project Cost – Rs 40 lakhs