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Club No. 22908

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SVHI Logo  
Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen's Necklace joins SVHI
to construct a Spacious School Building for a Better Tomorrow.
We are not asking for the moon or the sky
Just a place of our own with all
Educational, rehabilitation and recreation facilities,
Far superior to the present, under one roof & for many more like us.
Is this too much to ask for? We do not think so.
Nor does the Rotary Club.
So together we plan to cross this major milestone soon.
And we have traversed many since our journey began a decade ago.

Our Milestone:
Our voyage began in 1995 when few of our parents and teachers joined hands to establish Sanskadham Vidyalaya for the Hearing Impaired (SVHI) under the dynamic leadership of our principal Lata Nayak. Since then they have surmounted several barriers and broken brick walls to help us lead a normal life.

Lack of funds was one major stumbling block since we had no monetary assistance from the state government. Only last year the government’s grant-in-aid was finally awarded to our school.

But that did not deter our Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) which runs the school. They knew the show must go on. So they sought the help of corporates, NGOs, friends who provided all the possible support. Some times aid came from unknown quarters too !

And with determination and dedication PTA managed to make ours a success story with a difference.

Telling Tales:
Thanks to them – over 70 special children like us have learnt to overcome our disabilities and face the world with confidence. Some of us, with multiple disabilities, were considered hopeless and discarded by other schools.

But at SVHI no one is hopeless and nothing is impossible. So here we are leading a near normal life and looking forward to the future with hope and joy. We are one too many. But here are three telling tales.

Abhinand Guthi   Heena Kausar   Suhita Bhatt
Abhinand Guthi   Heena Kausar   Suhita Bhatt
Then – hearing impaired and unable to stand or walk due to poor muscle coordination and slight brain damage.
Now – learnt to coordinate movements Also good at studies particularly in languages
Then – Silent, withdrawn avoided people, disliked light and colors.
Now – Caption of the school, fights with people for her rights! Winner of many prizes in cultural and sports competitions, she will appear for SSC in 2006.
Then – Immobile due to part paralysis, she could neither hear, speak nor walk properly.
Now – walks, runs and participates in sports. Equally good at studies, though given a chance she would rather play than study.
We do doubt stand apart:
Besides individual success stories we also stand apart amid our clan because ours is the only school in Mumbai that:

Caters to hearing impaired children with other handicaps like spasticity, vision, mentally challenged, speech defects and learning disability (around 50% of students at SVHI are multiple handicapped)
Concentrates on all around development of children
Has special scheme for providing hearing aids for children
Has pre-vocational centre where students earn while learning
Has audiology centre manned by a hearing impaired person
Has introduced wooden / rope malkham to children
Our Standards are high:
Our educational standards are high. So are our academic inputs. And the results speak for themselves:

18 students have been integrated into normal schools
12 have passed SSC in flying colors
4 have gone to US for higher education
10 are successfully employed in India
Enhanced Experience:
Our school’s focus is not just on academic achievements but also on total personality development. Our inherent talents in arts, crafts, music and dance, sports are identified and developed. Naturally we excel in these fields too.

Two of our students are permanent members of Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe
We have won myriad awards at various cultural/sports competitions competing even with normal children
We have been winners at Go-karting and Rock climbing competition organized by Hiranandani Group for last five consecutive years.
Contributing Factors:
We have following basic amenities that have no doubt contributed to our success. However, these facilities now need upgradation to keep up with the changing times.

Computer centre Audiology centre
Pre-vocational training centre Gymnasium
Library with CDs & books Music room
Counseling centre for children and parents    

Journey Continues:
Of course it was no cake walk for our principal, teachers and parents. Now was it for us. The manifold triumphs have come after days and nights of trial and tribulations.

Now we are looking ahead to developing a comprehensive centre in association with Rotary Club of Mumbai Queen’s Necklace. This centre will be much more spacious, will add more facilities for the children & will accommodate many more such children.

Rotary Club of Mumbai Queens Necklace is a very active social service organization which has been involved in several community service projects for the last 20 years. They have volunteered to construct a school building for Sanskardham Vidyalaya with facilities that will go a long way in helping them to lead a normal life.

Kelvani Mandal, Goregaon who provided the space for our existing school has kindly agreed to offer us a vacant plot in the same premises for building this new institution which will house the school and also all other additional amenities and facilities.